The pairing of wine and cheese is one of life’s great culinary pleasures. However, with any wine and food pairing, finding the right match can be tricky. Here, Kris Lloyd of Woodside Cheese Wrights shares her winning combinations for the perfect wine and cheese match. 

Perfect with shiraz

"Team your favourite shiraz with a tasty little goat cheese. I know it’s hard to believe that a goat cheese can stand up to a hardy Barossa red…well, it can."

Qantas Wine recommends Heirloom Barossa Shiraz 2018 

Cheese: Kris Lloyd Cheese Masterclass Pack


Perfect with cabernet

"I like to pair cab sav with a cheese that has a bit of age similar to that of the wine. Ideally an aged gouda, cheddar or Swiss alpine style such as comte works well - in fact they’re delicious."

Qantas Wine recommends Chalk Hill Alpha Crucis Titan Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Cheese: Kris Lloyd Artisan Just Cheese

Perfect with grenache

"I like to see this light and fruity quintessentially meditteranean wine paired with a semi-hard buffalo cheese. Our Picasso, coated in Australian Native Saltbush, with its slightly brothy notes is ideal."


Perfect with Chardonnay

"Traditionally, chardonnay should be paired with brie or camembert styles, where the butteryness of the cheese perfectly complements the soft texture of the wine."

Qantas Wine recommends First Creek Winemakers Reserve Chardonnay 2018

Cheese: Barossa Valley Cheese Dinner Party Pack (triple cream)

Perfect match sauvignon blanc

"The simplicity of goat cheese pairs really well with the zesty lime flavours of sauvignon blanc. Our Green Ant Goat Cheese, Anthill, with its notes of Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass, it’s just made to enjoy with this crisp, fresh white." 

Meet Kris Lloyd

Who is Kris Lloyd?

A self-taught cheese maker, Kris Lloyd  has headed up Woodside Cheese Wrights at Woodside in the Adelaide Hills for over 22 years. Her career as a cheese maker may have started by accident, but she is now completely passionate about all things cheese, food and wine