Huon Salmon Caviar Twin Pack

Huon Salmon Caviar Twin Pack

Enjoy both the salt water and fresh water options in the larger pearls of Huon's Tasmanian Salmon Caviar, each with distinctively different flavour profiles and mouth feels.

Also included is the traditional serving utensil for all varieties of caviar, the mother of pearl spoon

Ocean Grown Salmon Caviar - Salt Water - Matured for longer at sea Huon's Reserve Selection Ocean Grown Caviar presents with a fuller pearl size, with the membrane taking on a more robust flavour but softer texture than that of our fresh water variety. 

Hand-Milked Salmon Caviar - Fresh Water - Ponds fed by mountain streams carrying the world’s purest rainwater through the Tasmanian wilderness provide perfect conditions for Huon's salmon to naturally mature. The vibrancy and pearl size provide the perfect burst of flavour and are a product of years of care and dedication to the salmon and the hand-milking process.

Note: Huon Salmon Caviar has a used by date of 15 to 25 days after dispatch. Huon produce to order so please allow up to 5 business days for dispatch. It will be couriered to you in a specially insulated carton containing cooling ice gel packs capable of keeping the product cool for up to 56 hours out of refrigeration.

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