Kris Lloyd, Head Cheesemaker, Woodside Cheese Wrights


Wine and cheese are natural partners for this Adelaide Hills artisan.

Kris Lloyd is a self-taught cheesemaker who has headed up Woodside Cheese Wrights in the Adelaide Hills for over 15 years. While her career as a cheesemaker may have started as an accident, she is now completely passionate about all things cheese, food, wine and the cheesemaking industry in Australia.

How did you get into the art of cheesemaking? 

I arrived at cheesemaking accidentally, largely through wanting to value-add to the experience visitors could enjoy at our family business Coriole Vineyards in McLaren Vale. It was a long journey until I was actually making cheese after buying Woodside Cheese Wrights, an artisan cheese business in the Adelaide Hills. The journey has been rewarding, creative, challenging and exciting, exceeding all of my expectations of a career I didn’t know I was going to have! 


What is your favourite cheese and how do you serve it? 

Our goat curd is one of my favourites because we make it in small batches and it can be eaten less than 24 hours after milking. It’s so fresh and delicious that I can eat it by the tub-fulI. I love it on crusty bread that has been rubbed with good, fresh Australian garlic and drizzled with olive oil and cracked pepper — ah, there is complexity in simplicity.


What is your favourite wine and cheese pairing?

I love a triple-cream cheese that is decadent, rich and creamy. Our Banquet - a buffalo milk triple-cream washed rind cheese - is a perfect example of this richness and when I pair that up with an Australian sparkling wine it is a serious match made in heaven. The carbonation of the sparkling wine cleanses the richness of the cheese and acid differences in each complement each other perfectly. Opposites attract - what a love affair!


What is your number one tip on serving cheese?

Please, please, please serve your cheese at room temperature and if possible buy from a cheesemonger. Many independent grocers now have a cheese bar and offer a great service. And buy Australian cheese - we are doing a great job as an emerging industry that has not yet reached its peak.


I'm spending the weekend in Adelaide Hills - what are your three must-visit places?

Shaw and Smith for their famous wine flight, beautiful venue and great service. Woodside Cheese Wrights is a must for a serious trip down cheese alley. Finish at Red Cacao Chocolatier for the finale - a much-needed chocolate fix!