Brave Goose

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Brave Goose Vineyard's mission is simple - to nurture premium grapes to create quality wine, for you to enjoy with food and friends.

Wines are widely celebrated for their diversity, craftsmanship and celebration of the natural environment. There is a perfect wine for every palate, whether it be wines for occasions, celebrations or to enjoy every day.

One of Central Victoria's hidden gems, Brave Goose is located just one hour north of Melbourne.

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“People think of prosecco as a party starter – and it is – but we do a fresh, drier style, The Gosling, which has really nice apple and citrus notes with a balance of sweetness and acidity. It doesn’t stop short on the palate and I think the liveliness of the bubbles and zesty characters steer it toward some unexpected food matches.”


“One of my favourite easy meals is a Thai chicken larb salad and I love it with our prosecco because both are all about freshness and vibrancy. Those beautiful coriander and citrus hits, the ginger and spice, the salty-sourness of fish or oyster sauce mesh deliciously with the touch of sweetness.”


“I do whole mushrooms roasted with pesto, gorgonzola and thyme with cous cous or polenta on the side. The richness and saltiness of that dish, paired with the freshness and brightness of the prosecco is quite a surprise – the bubbles really do lift the rich flavours.”