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Having spotted a patch of terra rossa on his Coonawarra property in 1891, John Riddoch decided to plant some fruit… and so the Coonawarra wine region was born. The now famous red soil serves up perhaps Australia’s most unique and iconic cabernet sauvignon, and Riddoch’s winery, Wynns, remains the region’s flagship. Discover wine maker Sue Hodder's favourite pick and dine duo with our Q&A
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"Cabernet is what the Coonawarra region is known for and our *Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon* is the wine Wynns is judged by. It has good cellaring potential but it’s not what you’d call a big blockbuster – it’s medium-bodied and as a young wine, it has lots of red and dark fruit, dried mint notes and a nice long palate."


"A Sunday soul food roast. Cook your beef in the oven rather than on the barbecue – the softer flavoured meat is delicious with the bright fruit and body of this wine. A filet mignon with a light stock reduction is also beautiful."


"When I write tasting notes I pair this wine with salmon. The fine tannins offset the rich fatty fish perfectly. Salmon marinated in lemongrass, soy, ginger and chilli then chargrilled or even fish tacos would be fantastic. A green coriander salsa gives the whole experience a zingy lift."