Rose Wine

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What type of wine is rose?

The word rosé simply means ‘pink’ in French. A rosé is a wine that obtains some colour from the grapes it’s made from, but not enough to be classed as a white or a red. It sits firmly in the middle ground. Rosés are made in still, semi-sparkling and sparkling forms, from grapes as light as zinfandel and as dark as shiraz, and in colours from light grapefruit to deep plum. Rosés can be made from one type of grape, the colour coming from a short period of contact with the skin of the fruit, or by simply blending a white and a red together.

How long will unopened rose wine last?

Once again, the breadth of the rosé category means that there’s no one answer to this question. Most rosés are best consumed young, and will only remain at their peak for a year or two, while other, drier rosés can age fairly well (although not as well as full-blown reds.) Once it’s opened it’s wise to consume your rosé within three days, although some can be palatable for up to a week.

The best food pairings for rosé

When it comes to food pairings, rosé offers incredible versatility. Its bright acidity and fruit-forward profile make it an excellent companion for a wide range of dishes. Rosé pairs beautifully with light salads, fresh seafood, grilled vegetables, and soft cheeses. It also complements spicy cuisine, such as Thai or Mexican dishes, as its crispness helps to balance the heat.