Fiano Wine

Tim Adam Wines

Tim Adams Heinrich Fiano 2021


$29.99 per bottle
Or31,260 PTS

Cloud Cuckoo

Cloud Cuckoo Land Fiano Greco 2022


$24.00 per bottle
Or25,020 PTS


Jericho Fiano 2022


$26.50 per bottle
Or55,200 PTS


Haselgrove Fiano Alternative Series 2021


$24.00 per bottle
Or50,040 PTS

De Bortoli

de Bortoli Bella Riva Fiano King Valley 2021


$15.99 per bottle
Or15,000 PTS
20,820 PTS

Fiano wine

The Australian wine industry has taken fiano, a lively white grape from Italy's sunny Campania region, and given it a sunburnt country twist. And it’s clear that fiano has found its second home in our warm, dry climates. Blossoming into wines bursting with fresh fruits, a tantalisingly crisp finish — and a little something rich and nutty to keep things interesting.

What is the taste of fiano?

Light on its feet yet full-bodied in flavour, fiano is as versatile as they come — from fresh and zesty to rich and textured. Packed with notes of fresh pear, citrus and honey, it's got a richness that's as comforting as a hug from an old friend. And with a range of varieties and strengths, you’re bound to find one that you love; whether you prefer a chardonnay or sauvignon blanc.

What food pairs best with fiano wine?

Where does fiano feel most at home in Australia? You’ll find it in McLaren Vale, Clare Valley, and Hunter Valley, amongst others, thriving in their moderate to warm climates. Pair it with your favourite seafood, a creamy cheese, or your go-to pasta dish. Its high natural acidity means you can enjoy it now, or let it mellow in the cellar for up to five years — if you can wait that long, that is.

Is fiano a dry or sweet wine?

While fiano can be made sweet (Italians call it vitis apiana – the wine beloved by bees – because its natural sugar attracts swarms when it ripens), it’s more commonly made in a dry style that showcases its more prominent flavours.

Best fiano brands at Qantas Wine

Here at Qantas Wine, we're proud to stock fiano from the best of the best: Mount Eyre, Sherrah Wines, Haselgrove, Jericho, and Tim Adam Wines. Each of these standouts offers a unique Aussie spin on this Italian classic, showcasing the adaptability and charm of fiano. So, whether you've been a wine lover for an age or you're just starting your adventure, fiano is your next must-try.