1 gram Jar Saffron by Tas Saff

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1 gram Jar Saffron by Tas Saff

Weekly Times Coles 2017 Innovative Farmer of the Year Award Winner!

Saffron is the oldest, most expensive spice in the world and has been highly prized over the centuries. It takes 180 - 220 flowers to make one gram of Australian saffron. Saffron is a spice that is used as a colouring and flavouring agent in many foods such as paella, rice, risotto, bouillabaisse, cheeses, puddings, tea, bread, butter, pastries, confectionery and liqueurs. Its flavour cannot be copied.

Includes a 1g jar of Australian saffron plus a complimentary 100mg bottle.

Check out the recipe for Nick Haddow's Honey, Whiskey and Saffron Cheesecake

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