Bruny Island Cheese Co. Taste of Tasmanian Pack

Bruny Island Cheese Co. Taste of Tasmanian Pack

A beautiful selection of some of the finest Tasmanian produce including two Bruny Island Cheese favourites. Includes:

  • Bruny Island Cheese Co. Saint 200g - Cows milk, soft and oozy, light bloom on the rind
  • Bruny Island Cheese Co. Tom 250g - Cows milk, hard, natural rind, simple and goes with everything
  • Spiced Cherries - A customer favourite, Bruny Island cherries are pickled in a sweet spiced pinot noir vinegar. A beautiful accompaniment to the cheeses. 
  • Tasman Sea Salt Pepperberry infused salt 
  • Wellington Apiary Tasmanian Manuka Honey* 
  • The Cats Tongue Nougat 

These cheeses will be sent to you in specially designed cool boxes with information sheets about the cheese, how to use, store and enjoy the cheeses.

*Note: Orders delivered to WA will receive locally made jam instead of honey due to WA state restrictions on the import of honey.

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