Henschke Marbel Angel + Henschke Gift Book

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Henschke Marbel Angel + Henschke Gift Book

Henschke Marble Angel Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 is from a single vineyard in Light Pass planted in the late ’70s. A stable-mate to a number of Henschke Iconic Single Vineyard wines. The focus here is on blackcurrant, cassis and wild forest berries. Excellent structure, balance and finesse.


Enjoy the Henschke Hill of Grace, 150 Years Under Southern Skies book, where author Fiona MacDonald takes readers on the fascinating Henschke journey from Prussia in 1841 to today; their escape from the religious persecution of King Friedrich Wilhelm III; their challenging journey to the bottom of the world to carve out new lives in the Australian bush and tales of the generations that lie behind the legend of Henschke wine.

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