Island Curries Mixed 8 Pack Curry Paste CR

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Island Curries Mixed 8 Pack Curry Paste CR

Includes 8 x 50g sachets (serves 2-3 per sachet): Lamb Khorma, Vegetable Bengal, Fish Goan, Beef Madras, Chicken Achaari, Vindaloo, Tomato Chennai, Tandoori 

Tasmania's Island Curries offers a range of distinct Indian curry pastes which may be mixed with any meats, fish or vegetable dishes. Using only the finest ingredients, with no bulking or filling agents - they are 100% pure flavour filled packets made of aromatic spices such as coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cardamom seeds and peppercorns. Their focus is on quality, not quantity and all Island Curries products are ground freshly on production day to capture the optimal freshness and flavour of the ingredients. All of the curry pastes are gluten- and preservative-free and vegan friendly.

Each packet of Island Curries paste includes a recipe suggestion to get you started. The directions are simple and totally user-friendly so that even the most novice of cooks is able to accomplish a delicious, authentic Indian restaurant-style curry.

The secret to a good curry - The final colour and texture of a curry depends on how well you brown the onions in the first stage. Heat the oil first, then reduce the heat slightly so that the onions go golden brown without burning, and stir them gently with a wooden spoon or spatula. Once this is done, add the spices, meat or other ingredients, and mix and coat the meat by ‘bhoono-ing’. ‘Bhoono-ing’ means to stir and fry in a semi-circular movement, scraping the bottom of the pan. This is essential for a good end result, and when you have done this you should taste the food and adjust the chilli heat according to your own palate.

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