Mixed Jameson Deconstructed

Grape Variety: Mixed Cases
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Mixed Jameson Deconstructed

Grape Variety: Mixed Cases

Indecisive Jameson drinkers rejoice; the Jameson Mixed Case allows you to choose Jameson, but to also choose choice.

Jameson Bold, Jameson Lively and Jameson Round come together in the perfect product for those who delight in the character and warmth of whiskey. In this case you’ll receive a 1 litre bottle of each, perfect for a tasting session with fellow whiskey enthusiasts.

Included in each case are:
Jameson Bold: Like Jameson Original, Jameson Bold is a blend of grain and pot distillate whiskey. But in this suitably named blend the percentage of pot still is upped, enhancing the gorgeous flavours of fruit and spice that Jameson Original is known for. A heavier, more intense experience, Jameson Bold has a depth of character that sets it apart.
Jameson Lively: In contrast to the Bold, Jameson Lively is a blend of pot still and grain whiskey that features an upped percentage of grain. The effect of this blend will become immediately apparent to an Irish whiskey aficionado; a lighter, more playful character is characterised by pronounced vanilla and floral notes, making for a smooth and easy sip. Lively it is.
Jameson Round: The effect of wood on whiskey is writ large in Jameson Round, a pot still and grain whiskey blend that sees each whiskey matured in a different barrel; sherry butts and Madiera casks for the pot still, American Oak for the grain. The resultant flavours and mouthfeel offer an unmatched experience, conjuring up hints of leathers, fruits and exotic spices.

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