Mount Zero Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2L

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Mount Zero Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2L

Derived of two varieties of fruit: Picual and Koronieki. This marriage of two classic varieties develops a balanced olive oil, consisting of fruitiness (fresh tomato, nutty and herbaceous) bitterness and pungency. Delicious drizzled over fish, vegetables or combined with Mount Zero red wine vinegar to create a classic vinaigrette dressing.

Freshness is the key to quality olive oil and with that in mind Mount Zero have developed the perfect packaging for their larger volume EVOO products. The 'bag in box' protects the oil from its two greatest enemies - light and oxygen, keeping the oil fresher, for longer.

All Mount Zero Olive Oil is cold pressed (room temperature) just hours after harvest to maintain premium quality. Similarly, Mount Zero's 100% Australian olive oils come from the first pressing of the olives which is what the term 'extra virgin' refers to.

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