Perigord Truffle Salt, Oil and Mustard pack

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Perigord Truffle Salt, Oil and Mustard pack

A special selection of Perigord truffle products includes truffle mustard, truffle salt and truffle oil. Includes:

  • Truffle Mustard 110g - The versatile truffle mustard can be used in place of your traditional mustard and is the perfect condiment for a wide range of dishes.
  • Truffle Salt 60g - Truffle salt is a simple way to enjoy truffles. It adds flavour and aroma to a number of dishes particularly good on grilled meats and roasted potatoes, ideal on scrambled eggs and even popcorn with a good butter.
  • Truffle Oil 60ml - The truffle oil is a gourmet delicacy to delight your taste buds, perfect with pasta, risotto, eggs, potatoes, soups or used to make salad dressing.
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