Regal Rogue Lively White Vermouth 500ml

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Regal Rogue Lively White Vermouth 500ml

Regal Rogue is an Australian vermouth, made with 100% Australian wine married and native aromatics. An easy-drinking wine as the base,produces a semi-dry style resulting in around 30% less sugar than traditional European vermouth. Enriched with these utterly unique native Australian aromatics, its perfect for making Rogue aperitifs or Reverse classic cocktails. 

Regal Rogue works best as the base ingredient (a wine-based alternative to Gin) in a 3-step serve with a mixer, seasonal fruit and herb or spice. Alternatively, it is perfect for making vermouth-led Reverse classic cocktails where you use Regal Rogue as the leading ingredient, instead of the spirit, for a more rounded less punchy classic cocktail.

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