Sin-ko-nah Tonic Syrup 500ml CR

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Sin-ko-nah Tonic Syrup 500ml CR

Infused with cinchona bark (the natural source of quinine), Sin-ko-nah tonic syrup is a bittersweet mixer. With around one third less sugar than mainstream tonic, it leaves a clean finish on the palate.

For a fabulous take on the classic gin and tonic, dilute sin-ko-nah tonic syrup with sparkling mineral water, add a shot or two of gin, plenty of ice and a slice of lime. Of course gin is optional. But highly recommended! Adjust to taste, and make as required to avoid flat tonic.

This 500ml bottle will make 6.25L tonic water at the recommended dilution ratio. Refrigerate once open and use within 12 months.

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