Steiny's Mettwurst 3 Pack

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Steiny's Mettwurst 3 Pack

Traditional German-style cured sausages, made in the Barossa Valley.

This Steiny's Mettwurst 3 Pack includes - 350g Garlic, 350g Plain and 350g Cracked Pepper Mettwurst.

Steiny's Mettwurst is created using a fermentation process similar to beer, wine and bread, which destroys bacteria but also, cures, creating a truly unique flavor. Steiny's Mettwurst is approximately 75% high grade Beef and 25% high quality Pork which gives the product a very low fat content, full of protein and are gluten free.

Steiny's use only the best quality ingredients - lean beef, pork and spices - which is smoked with South Australian Riverland mallee to enhance the flavor and curing. Steiny's products are best enjoyed as a snack food, great for lunch boxes, with a glass of wine or beer or to enhance European food dishes like pasta sauces, pizzas and platters.

Producer Note: Steiny's Traditional Mettwurst does not require refrigeration as it is a "cooked" product, however please do not select "authority to leave" on your delivery as we would not want the producs left outside in the sun. Our products are cryovac sealed to ensure they arrive fresh and hygenically sealed. On procurement of the products, they should be kept in a cool place or refrigerated. Once removed from the cryovac bag do not cover with plastic again, includes gladwrap and Tupperware containers. Plastic causes moisture and mould.

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