The original jewel of the Tesseron collection is a unique blend of legendary Grande Champagne Cognacs, including some of the family’s finest, oldest and rarest stocks. From distillations begun in the 1920s, and even a proportion of the blend from 1905 to 1906, it is very rare Cognac that has been lovingly aged for three generations. It also includes some Colombards and Folle Blanche—extreme rarities today. For us, this is as good a Cognac as most are ever likely to taste. You can get older and rarer, yet this will never suffer by comparison.

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Feels so very smooth, lathed, slippery and yet insanely deep – triggers of fine woods, fresh honey, light rancio and a kind of liquid-mineral vein, firing in volleys within the contained frame of the Cognac. And while the texture remains supple, there’s a long, slow burn of campfire-like embers to close; it glows with a definitive sweetness, and then ebbs away with freshening floral, toffee notes and an almost briny tang. Wow. Wow." Mike Bennie, The Wine Front.



”If money is still less an object, Tesseron Lot 29 (40%) will prove just how conclusively great brandy, like great wine, can absorb, modulate and reflect a kind of mineral beauty in the midst of all its other, more freshly sensual attractions: layered amid the fig, the beech leaf and the cream there’s a kind of stony fire that glows for 30 seconds after you’ve swallowed …”
– Andrew Jefford, Financial Times


100 Points - Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

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Cognac Tesseron

Cognac Tesseron Lot 29 XO Exception 700ml

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