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Fill your fridge with some of our favourite white wines for your everyday. Whether you're planning a meal match, looking for an easy drinking quaffer or want to discover something new, this case will delight with every sip. Includes sauvignon blanc from both sides of the ditch, an Italian grillo that is rich and ripe with mango and papaya blended with jasmine and wildflowers. Plus chardonnay, pinot gris and semillon blends.


Mixed whites case

Case Size

12 bottles

What's Included


Ironcloud Pepperilly Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2023

Magarey Lane

Magarey Lane Pinot Gris 2023

Altus Rise

Altus Rise Wild Light Chardonnay 2022


Stonehaven Stepping Stone Chardonnay 2023

Wolf Blass

Wolf Blass Altitude Chardonnay 2019

Wills Domain

Wills Domain Sauvignon Blanc Mystic Spring 2023

Risky Business

Risky Business Pinot Gris 2023

Claymore Wines

Claymore Joshua Tree Watervale Riesling 2023

Feudo Arancio

Feudo Arancio Grillo 2021

Lenton Brae

Lenton Brae Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2023

Willow Bridge

Willow Bridge Dragonfly Chardonnay 2023

Mud House

Mud House Sauvignon Blanc 2023

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