Qantas Inflight and Lounge

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Qantas inflight and lounge wines

At Qantas, wine is an integral part of the Qantas experience. Each bottle offered as part of our inflight service and lounge experience is meticulously chosen by a team of esteemed sommeliers and wine experts. Our wine selection process is extensive, involving yearly blind tastings of over 1200 wines to ensure we serve only the best to you, our passengers.

Varietals of inflight and lounge wines

Catering to the diverse preferences of our customers, we offer an extensive and well-rounded range of varietals in our portfolio. Whether it's a vivacious grenache or a velvety cabernet sauvignon, a crisp chardonnay or a vibrant sauvignon blanc, we ensure to tantalise your palate with an array of flavours. Our choice of varietals isn't only about taste - each wine is chosen for its ability to shine even at high altitudes, promising an exceptional inflight wine experience.

What pairs best with inflight wine?

We believe that a great wine can elevate your inflight meal to a gourmet experience. Our lighter wines, like sauvignon blanc and chardonnay, pair well with our inflight chicken, fish, or pasta dishes. Our bolder reds, including grenache and cabernet sauvignon, complement heartier meat dishes, creating a harmonious union of flavours in your palate. Regardless of your choice of meal, there's a bottle in our selection that can transform it into a culinary journey of its own.

Best inflight and lounge wine brands

Quality is paramount in our selection, and as a result, we feature some of the world's most celebrated wine brands in our inflight and lounge selection. Brands like the effervescent Pommery, the refined Lange Estate, the harmonious Artan, the iconic Penfolds, and the esteemed Hardys, all make appearances in our offering. Each brand mirrors our commitment to quality and a unique wine experience.

At Qantas, we understand that a good journey becomes great with a fine glass of wine. As such, we take pride in offering our passengers an immersive wine experience, where every sip is a story, and every bottle, a journey in itself. Whether you're soaring through the skies or relaxing at our lounge, trust Qantas to pour you a glass of the world's finest.