Showcase Wine Subscriptions

Experience the epitome of wine craftsmanship with our Showcase subscription, exclusively curated for Qantas Wine members. Every bottle represents our commitment to quality, bringing you both familiar brands and beloved cult classics. Our selection isn't just about taste; it's a journey through the best of each varietal, ensuring you receive remarkable value in every sip.

Each subscription case not only brings you a selection of wonderful wines but also earns you 2,000 bonus Qantas Points every quarter. Plus, stay loyal and enjoy a 2,000-point loyalty bonus after four consecutive quarters. With up to 10,000 Qantas Points to be earned annually, it's the perfect marriage of taste and rewards.

Get our Showcase subscriptions delivered to your door 

Every three months, our team of seasoned wine experts curate and deliver these gems right to your doorstep. As the seasons change, so do our selections, ensuring you always have the perfect drop for every occasion. The perks? Free delivery, hand-selected wines, tasting notes and a commitment-free experience with no lock-in contracts

Discover our Showcase wine subscriptions

Cabernet Sauvignon Showcase wine subscription

A full-bodied red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon is known for its deep ruby colour, rich tannic structure and complex flavours of dark fruits, pepper and tobacco. The Qantas Wine Cabernet Sauvignon Showcase subscription delivers a selection of six Cabernet Sauvignons every three months, right to your door. Our expert sommeliers carefully curate each case, which means you’ll enjoy diverse expressions from different regions, ensuring a unique and engaging experience with every sip. It’s valued at over $150 in a case of six bottles, subscribers save a minimum of 20% on every order.

Shiraz Showcase wine subscription

With robust notes of dark fruits, spices and other elements depending on its origin, Shiraz ages impressively and pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes. Embark on a taste adventure with the Qantas Wine Shiraz Showcase subscription – it includes highly-awarded wines and great-value varietal heroes. From the Barossa to Clare Valley, Langhorne Creek to the Grampians, experience the unique expressions that different regions bring to this beloved grape. It’s valued at over $150 in a case of six bottles, subscribers save a minimum of 20% on every order. 

Chardonnay Showcase wine subscription

From crisp and minerally to rich and buttery, there’s a Chardonnay to suit almost every palate. As a subscriber of the Qantas Wine Chardonnay Showcase, explore the rich and multi-faceted world of this popular white wine varietal. Each quarter, enjoy a meticulously selected assortment of top-quality Chardonnay wines delivered directly to your door. It’s valued at over $150 in a case of six bottles, subscribers save a minimum of 20% on every order.

Sauvignon Blanc Showcase wine subscription

A globally adored varietal, Sauvignon Blanc is cherished for its distinctive profile and characterised by invigorating citrus notes, green apple, pear, and often, a unique hint of fresh-cut grass. When you subscribe to the Sauvignon Blanc Showcase, you’ll receive six carefully selected bottles every three months – delivered to your door. Whether you desire a bright, easy-drinking wine for a casual gathering or a complex, layered expression for a special occasion, Sauvignon Blanc always rises to the occasion. Valued at over $150 in a case of six bottles, subscribers save a minimum of 20% on every order.

What food pairs best with our Showcase subscriptions?

Want to know more about your wine choices? Decode your latest delivery with our tasting notes – each bottle comes with a detailed profile, outlining its unique characteristics, regional nuances and suitable food pairings. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a wine novice, you'll find these insights enhance your overall wine experience. Learn how to pair cabernet sauvignon with smoky barbecue, shiraz with aged cheddar, chardonnay with lobster rolls and sauvignon blanc with natural oysters. So, raise a glass to informed selections and unforgettable wine moments.