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Some of our mixed cases contain all red wines or all white whites, while others are a mix of both. Occasionally a mixed wine case may include a high-valued inclusion or gift. You might choose a case that enables you to sample a particular varietal, a region, a selection of world-renowned wines or a hand-picked collection of Australia's finest seasonal wines.


With a variety of wines in your wine cellar, rack or fridge, it's worth knowing a couple of top food pairing tips. A basic rule of thumb is, white or red, the intensity of the wine should match that of the food. For example, you're probably better off matching a lighter red meat, such as pork, with a lighter red such as pinot noir. The other thing to consider is structure - usually tannins and acidity - but also sugar and alcohol. Acidic wines - think 'crisp' and 'tart' - can match well with acidic foods like tomatoes or a salad with a citrus dressing but will equally cut fattier dishes such as salmon or a tuna mornay with bechamel sauce. Tannins bring a dryness to your mouth and pair well with rich proteins. So a high tannin cabernet sauvignon might pair perfectly with a big juicy lip-smacking steak. Saying all that, if you love a particular wine, and a particular food, you're going to enjoy consuming them both, whatever the 'rules'.

Best mixed wine cases at Qantas Wine

Some of our most interesting mixed cases allow you to explore a particular winery. For reds, try Yalumba, Yarra Yering, Taylors or Pepperjack and for white look out for Voyager Estate, Hewitson, William Fevre and Tahbilk. We also curate cases of Halliday Wine Companion high-scoring wines, to help you access wines judged highly by wine experts.